Thursday, 14 July 2011

My lomo snapshots

Taken in Phan Thiết 
 Taken in Phan Thiết 
 Taken at my home
 Taken in Singapore (@ High society cafe)
 Taken in Singapore 
 Rainy afternoon on Lê Lợi street 
 Taken in Phan Thiết 
In front of my home's bacony
 Taken in Singapore (in front of my friend's apartment)
 Taken at Pergola cafe

 Taken @ Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
 @Clake Quay bar (Singapore)
 @High society cafe (Singapore)
 Taken in Phan Thiết 
@Altitude bar - on rooftop of the highest building of Singapore 
 Taken in Phan Thiết 

 Taken on Lê Lợi str.
Shadows (Taken at Sentosa - Singapore)

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